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 DCHC strives to maintain  a secular, across-the-board, comprehensive co-op. We are currently enrolling children ages 3-16. Our aim is to coordinate with our co-op members to provide a wall to wall coverage of age appropriate subjects, activities, and resources that are as affordable as possible and free when we are able to provide it. We aspire to provide warm, nurturing environment where everyone is a part of the family and students learn at their own pace. 

 We offer expansive weekly unit studies from an in-the-field perspective. We also offer an exciting selection of age appropriate activities including sports, arts and crafts and others.

If your family resides in or near Dorchester County please come out and join us from August-May for our weekly unit study at Givhans Ferry State Park, located at 746 Givhans Ferry Rd, Ridgeville, SC 29472. 

ATTENTION PARENTS: Parents must remain on premises and assist your child/children in the activities if needed. DCHC is not a drop off Co-op! While our Co-op is free to join we do request that parents either assist in the funding of activities or be of assistance in arranging them. While our philosphy of working as a team will make many activities incredibly affordable and as close to free as possible, there will occasions that incur some costs (field trips, specialized topics that may require paid teachers/speakers, special events, etc.).




We are currently in the process of coordinating classes. 

Classes that will be available soon are:

-Impact Creative Arts Studio Drama/Acting, Fine Arts, and Singing! Updates will be posted soon! 

-Latin Courses

We are still  in the planning stages at the moment but we're incredibly stoked up to get this one started!

-Writing, Writing Structure, Writing Styles

We're still in the process of getting our writing classes up and going and we're busting or tails to try and hit a home run here!

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